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Assemble Your Team


IMG_0638Your team will use the attributes described within the STEM Immersion Guide to create a Strategic Plan to identify the Goals, Objectives, Timelines and Implementation Strategies to move the process of STEM immersion forward.
For examples of Strategic Plans, Professional Development Plans and Sustainability Plans, please contact the Arizona STEM Network.
Your team will examine your program from several perspectives:
Leading, Teaching, Learning, Implementation, Budgeting and Sustainability. This effort will underscore the need to ensure that your team includes depth and breadth in its background, experience and networking.
Questions to Consider in Assembling Your Team:
Do you have one or more site administrators? Science and Math content area specialists? Classroom Teachers? STEM professionals? Business and Industry representatives? Parents? Higher Education partners?
School-Based Design Team:
The Design Team needs to be set up to guide the design, development and implementation of the program. Arizona STEM Network Technical Advisors will work closely with the Design Team. The Design Team will be broad enough to represent all integral parts of the STEM school community to give voice to their area of expertise.
handsAt a minimum, the Design Team should include:
  • Superintendent (or Assistant Supt.)
  • Parents
  • Higher Education Member
  • Students
  • Geographically Significant Employer
  • Principal – District Board of Education member
  • Teacher(s)
  • District Level Finance Employee
  • Civic Leaders
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